5 Essential Benefits of Dental 3D X-ray

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Tooth decay is the most common dental problem that exists. Studies suggested that around 25% of adults have untreated tooth decay and aren’t even aware of it. Tooth decay remains untreated because of various reasons: the patient doesn’t take proper oral care; the patient doesn’t go for a routine dental check-up; and people eat excessive sugary foods. Therefore, visiting a dentist every six months is deemed necessary. Paying a visit becomes more vital if you notice cavities or experience toothaches. Your dentist will be able to find out the crux of the situation via proper diagnosis using resources or techniques such as 3D dental X-rays.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq5e9s6los5″ html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is Dental 3D X-ray?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]The 3D image captures a true 3d image of the mouth and allows the dentist to study the mouth in slices, similar to a CT scan.[/sc_fs_faq]3D dental x-ray is a revolutionary dental scan used to capture your oral cavity to detect any oral condition. From the scan reports and images, your dentist can easily identify your teeth and gum problems. 

So, what are the advantages of using 3D x-rays?

Convenient for Dentists

It becomes difficult for dentists to reach and check every nook and cranny of the oral cavity to find problems. Therefore 3D x-ray technology is a reliable solution. Simply put, the x-rays use radiation and then convert the rays into 3D images. These images can be viewed using computer software for future references. One significant benefit of 3D dental x-rays is that it’s very precise. The dentist can view the patient’s entire mouth: soft tissues, nerves and bone. This helps dentists perform critical dental operations, like dental implant replacement or root canals.

Less Radiation Exposure

It’s proven that x-ray radiation is very harmful, and prolonged exposure can cause eye damage and cancer. With 3D x-rays, you get the benefit of reduced radiation exposure. Compared to 3D scans, 3D scans emit less radiation and are focused on improving quality. And because the images are digital, they can be stored inside a computer and used when needed to decrease radiation exposure. 

Costs Less Than Traditional 2D X-rays

2D x-rays require higher levels of radiation, which is more expensive. The cost of a 3D dental panoramic x-ray is relatively low and images don’t need a third party to develop them.

Interactive and Intuitive Display

Dentists find it easier to explain treatment plans to patients and other dental experts using 3D images than the 2D image. The display is very immersive, with clear and detailed pictures. Every bone and tooth is visible and can be viewed via various angle positions. This is only possible in 3D X-rays and not the conventional ones.

Easy to Operate

The machine may look a little intimidating at first, but it gets easier to handle with practice. 3D scans will have a more thorough footing in the future, thanks to their convenience and user-friendly quality. 3D imaging will be the new norm for all practitioners.

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