What You Need To Know About Dental Scaling & Root Planing

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Prevention is always better than a cure. That’s all the more true for dental health. Preventing a periodontal problem is always better than having to cure it when the problem happens, right? Take precautions to prevent problems from occurring. Getting the right dental treatments can save you and your family a lot of time and money.  Also with the right sort of treatment, you will even be able to prevent further teeth decay. This is where dental scaling and root planing comes in.

Dr. Anthony Marra ensures that with dental scaling and root planing excess plaque, tartar, and bacteria are removed from your mouth.

Dental scaling and root planning are two different procedures. They are very popular within the dental community. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are non-invasive and helps to prevent gum disease. In addition, these procedures can be used to treat mild gum disease as well.

The main reason for periodontal disease is the excess accumulation of tartar in between the gums. What happens is that the tartar starts replacing the gum in what is called a gum economic crisis. These two methods help you get rid of this accumulation from the deepest of pockets within your teeth. Here in this article, you find some valuable information about dental scaling and root planing.

Dental Scaling Procedure

Dental scaling or scaling in dental terms means that the practitioner is using a simple scalar gadget to remove the tartar from the deepest crevices within your teet.

The procedure itself is pretty simple and any dental practitioner or dental hygienist can do it with the utmost ease. It is simply about getting rid of the plaque that formed in your teeth that you cannot remove with simply brushing.

Root Planing Procedure

Root Planing is a bit more serious than scaling. You will need root planing only when you have periodontal disease in your teeth. If Dr. Marra sees that you have periodontal disease and there is gum recession along with pockets between gum and teeth then he will suggest you take up root planing.

Here what the practitioner does is that they smooth out the entire teeth and especially from where it starts and brings it back to what it originally looked like. When Dr. Marra smooths the teeth it automatically gets rid of all the plaque build-up and bacteria that would have caused further harm to your teeth. Once the root is disinfected Dr. Marra will reattach the teeth and the root planning process is done.

There is no fixed amount of price set for dental scaling and root planing. However, the average cost of scaling and root planing range from 1000 to 3000 dollars. Now the cost of the dental scaling and root planing procedure isn’t fixed as it always depends on the extent of infection on your teeth.

The more the extent of damage the higher the cost. Now, you might be wondering seeing the price if dental insurance covers dental scaling and root planing or not. Well, the good news is yes your dental insurance does cover scaling and root planing as it is a clinically needed procedure. However, it may not cover the entire cost so do inquire about that before going in.

There you go, those are some basic information you needed to know about dental scaling and root planing. Remember oral hygiene is of the utmost importance and you should always ensure to prioritize it. Until next time, Goodbye.

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What You Need To Know About Dental Scaling & Root Planing
Article Name
What You Need To Know About Dental Scaling & Root Planing
Thinking about dental scaling and root planing? Before you go make sure you read this! Here is some basic information that you should know beforehand!
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