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How to Prevent Oral Cancer: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

What is Oral Cancer?

Uncontrolled and harmful cell growth in any part of the body is cancer. The growth can be either malignant, which is more dangerous, or the less dangerous benign form. Cancer is one of the most common causes of worldwide death. Around 43% of cancer deaths are from oral cancer. Severe gum infection and cell damage can lead to oral cancer.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Some of the most common risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco use, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, inactive lifestyles, and infections.

Use of Tobacco

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly half of oral cancer is due to tobacco. These include cigarettes, tobacco leaf, and all the forms of tobacco consumptions. The leaf contains around a few million carcinogenic particles that can expedite the cancer development process.

In developed countries, the number of cancer patients due to tobacco consumption increased by 68% over the last two decades. The number is much higher in developing countries.

Unbalanced Diet

Diet has a direct connection with the poverty level. Low-income communities mostly rely on unbalanced and unhealthy diets. Due to the affordability, the diets contain primarily unsaturated fat and carbohydrates. Both of them, if not controlled, can enhance cancer cell growth.

Both developed and less developed countries have this issue. Thus, along with low income, lack of awareness may also be the reason for mouth cancer due to an unbalanced diet.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption enhances the symptoms of oral cancer and cell growth. People with higher alcohol consumption rates have a very low survival rate from cancer. When combined with tobacco, alcohol has a compounding effect on oral cancer.

Alcohol consumption initiates a mouth ulcer that is the early stage of mouth infection. Untreated ulcers with continuous use of alcohol can turn into different types of cancer, including oral cavity cancer or oropharyngeal cancer.

How to Prevent Oral Cancer

Cancer, of any type, is not easy to cure, and sometimes they are beyond any treatments. To reduce your risk of cancer, you need to take control of your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to avoid cancer

Quit Tobacco

Around 74% of tobacco users are likely to have at least one type of oral cancer in the future. Among the users, 80% of the men and 61% of the women are at higher risk. You need to quit smoking and use any tobacco right away. No matter if it is raw or roasted, they will harm you equally.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Cutting alcohol consumption can reduce the possibilities of many diseases. From cardiovascular problems to mouth cancer, many health issues can be avoided. Controlling the consumption of alcohol can prevent the appearance of white patches in the mouth that can turn into cancer.

Get Active

Staying active is always great for your health. No matter what your age is, a little physical exercise and activities will keep you on edge. Try to balance with your sedentary lifestyle as much possible with brisk walking or afternoon jog.

Eat a Balanced diet

Anything in excess is not good for our health. The same goes for food. Excess fat or carbohydrate is not only harmful but can be dangerous. Excessive fat and carbohydrate hamper regular metabolic activities and enhance abnormal cell growth.

While you are on the grocery aisle, try to balance between protein, fat, minerals, and carbohydrate for better oral health.

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