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Signs of Impacted Tooth

Often called the third set of molars, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt though the gums in the back of the upper and lower jaws. Impacted wisdom teeth issues can arise due to lack of space in the mouth. Sometimes wisdom teeth do not have enough space to fully break through the gums and partially erupt or become impacted.

Typically, wisdom teeth erupt during the late teen years or early twenties. Having regular dental check ups and x-rays is the best way to monitor wisdom teeth and ward off future pain.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

  • Jaw painyou may experience pain at the back of the jaw surrounding your wisdom teeth. Difficulty opening the mouth or pain when opening the mouth can be a result of impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gumsyour gums around your wisdom teeth may become inflamed and tender to the touch when your wisdom teeth are impacted. Gum inflammation can make chewing food difficult or even painful.
  • Facial swelling inflammation of the gums surround the wisdom teeth can cause serve swelling, which often signals that impacted wisdom teeth have become infected.
  • Bad breath partially erupted wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean. As food and bacteria get trapped between the teeth and gums, it can produce smelly breath.
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth infection around the gums and jaw can cause an unsavory taste in your mouth.

The above symptoms might indicate your wisdom teeth are impacted.

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Contact Dr. Marra at Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry if you are suffering from any of these symptoms. Impacted wisdom teeth removal may be the best solution when you are experiencing these symptoms. Call us today and let us diagnose your pain!

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