Is An Electric Toothbrush Better

Is an Electric Toothbrush better than a Manual Toothbrush


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Whether you use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush your oral care routine will still be effective. The key to removing plaque is brushing twice a day, using the proper technique and brushing long enough no matter what type of toothbrush you use.


If you must choose though, the electric toothbrush, when used properly, does result in better plaque removal. It is much more effective at keeping your teeth, gums, and tongue clean and as a result, healthier.

Those who use an electric toothbrush can benefit from the rotating head feature that allows you to get a more equal cleaning on both sides. Manual toothbrush users who are right-handed often brush the left side of the mouth more thoroughly and vice versa for left-handed people.

The reason why this right-hand, left-hand problem is not as much of an issue for electric toothbrush users is that the toothbrush is doing all of the work for you, making it easier for you to brush evenly on both sides. As long as you brush for the same amount of time on each side with an electric toothbrush you should have a cleaning that is equal on both sides.

Electric toothbrushes are much more effective at preventing gingivitis, gum disease, and bad breath. Why? You might ask. Well, these devices help you reach and clean the areas of the mouth that may be hard to reach with a manual. Getting into those hard to reach areas allows you to remove food particles that you may not know are present in the back of the oral cavity.

Can an Electric Toothbrush damage your teeth or gums?

This is where proper technique comes into play. Use of an electric toothbrush improperly can cause gum or enamel abrasion. Do not fear, this is only a problem if you are applying an extreme amount of pressure while brushing. Even if you are heavy handed you’ll be fine as long as you gently apply the rotating head to the teeth.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrush:

So now that you know that brushing with an electric toothbrush will allow you to clean teeth more effectively, here are the top 5 electric toothbrushes that consumers recommend.

  • Flexcare Platinum Toothbrush – claims to remove up to 10 times more plaque than a manual.
  • Oral-B White Pro 1000 Toothbrush – Budget friendly, at $39.94, and comes with a timer to ensure you are brushing long enough.
  • Diamond Clean Smart Electric Toothbrush – this smart toothbrush helps you monitor that time you spend on each side of your mouth to help you get a more even cleaning.
  • Sonic Teeth Whitening Toothbrush – claims to remove 7 times more plaque than manual brushing and also helps you develop a whiter smile.
  • Vitality Floss Action Toothbrush – the brushing head is designed to allow “floss-like” brushing and even comes with a self-cleaning mode.

No matter which method you choose, manual or electric, your teeth will remain plaque free if you set up a proper oral care routine that you implement twice a day. Along with an annual appointment with Dr. Marra, you should be on your way to a healthier mouth and whiter smile.

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Is An Electric Toothbrush Better
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Is An Electric Toothbrush Better
Whether you use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush your oral care routine will still be effective.
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