Teeth Whitening at Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Do stained and discolored teeth have you feeling self-conscious about your smile? Maybe you look at photos and cringe when you see your yellow teeth, or maybe you don’t even have the confidence to smile. Everyone wants that perfect movie star smile. Follow these tips to protect and restore your pearly whites.

Brush and rinse after meals. This, by far, is the simplest, cheapest and least time-consuming method for maintaining beautiful teeth. Plus, you’ll make our dental hygienists’ jobs much easier when you come in for dental cleanings! When you brush and rinse immediately after meals or snacks, you remove plaque and tartar, which overtime wear away tooth enamel.

Avoid overconsumption of drinks that stain teeth. You may love coffee, tea, red wine or sports drinks, but your teeth don’t. If you are consuming large quantities on a daily or weekly basis, try cutting back your intake. Consider using a straw to keep beverages from passing over your front teeth.

Don’t let stain-causing foods and drinks linger in your mouth. Be a sprint drinker and eater instead of a marathon sipper and grazer. The longer the food and drinks stay in your mouth, the more potential there is for staining. Sucking on candies and chewing gum with sugars and dyes should be avoided too. Of course, we do recommend you chew your food well to avoid chocking.

Stop smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products. Not only is smoking bad for your overall healthy, it makes your teeth turn a less than attractive yellow color. Just one more reason to kick the habit!

Use over the counter teeth whitening products. Many teeth whitening strips and kits are available over the counter for a short-term fix. Be sure to follow the package directions. Leaving these products on your teeth too long can cause teeth and gum sensitivity.

Talk to Dr. Anthony Marra about whitening. Just like your house needs touch ups from a professional sometimes, so does your smile. Even with the best oral hygiene habits, teeth become discolored, especially as you age. Call Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to see if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

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