5 benefits of the regular dental check-up

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You can lose the beauty of your smile unless you have an annual dental check-up. A regular visit to Dr. Marra in Huntersville NC, at least once every year, will keep your oral health in check.

What is a dental check-up?

A dental examination is essential to prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues. Whether you have plaque and tartar or damaged teeth, a regular visit to the Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is necessary. A regular dental examination has two parts-examination and professional cleanings. The teeth cleaning has another name-oral prophylaxis. Dental checks for children or adults include the same two steps.

Examination or Dental Checkup

Regular dental visits will start with a dental exam. The dentist will check for any cavities and go through an X-ray to detect cavities. The next step of preventative care is checking for plaque and tartar. Plaques are a thin layer of bacteria that eventually damage the enamel. If not removed, the innocent layer can cause oral cancer.

Dr. Marra will check your gums and find out whether they are healthy or not. Healthy teeth should have no or fewer spaces between teeth. If you have any gum disease, the spaces will expand.

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning is the second part of the annual dental procedures. Brushing and flossing may remove plaques but not the tartar. Dr. Marra uses a unique tool and the process is called scaling.

If required, Dr. Marra will polish your teeth after scaling. The polish removes the unwanted stains from the enamel. This part is an essential process for a pediatric dentist visit.

How much the annual dental check-up cost?

Many factors decide how much does a dental check-up costs in Huntersville. The main factor is your dental insurance plan. The more it covers the less you have to pay for dental appointments.

You will end up paying an average of $288 for your annual dental examination and cleaning. The price may vary a little bit base on your location.

Your savings with Dental Plans?

Most of us have a health plan that covers dental checkups. However, some plans have no coverage for dental issues. How much is a dental check-up with insurance depends on the coverage of your plan.

With an average dental plan, you can get

  • 100% coverage for your annual routine dental checks
  • 80% of the cost of root canals, fillings, and any necessary procedures
  • 50% of the price of crowns, bridges, and any other major dental procedures

No matter what dental plan you have, most of them will not cover any cosmetic dental processes like whitening.

What are the benefits of annual dental check-ups?

1. Early detection of Oral Cancer

Detecting any signs of oral cancer is almost impossible without the help of Dr. Marra. A visit to the dental office annually will help to identify any signs of oral cancer.

If you have the habit of smoking and drinking, the annual visit is a must for you.

2. Removal of Tartar and Plaques

You cannot remove tartar without scaling. The regular check-ups in Dr. Marra’s office include scaling and polishing. It ensures the removal of tartar and plaques.

Do not forget to brush and floss regularly.

3. Gum Diseases detection

Like oral cancer, you need the help of a dentist to identify the early signs of gum diseases. Unless you have baby teeth, you can always get gum diseases.

4. X-Ray helps to detect additional problems

X-Ray is an essential part of the examination, and it can tell about cavities. Thus, it would help if you saw Dr. Marra in Huntersville, NC annually to check whether you have a few or not.

5. You can get a check on your Head, Neck and Lymph Nodes

The Neck, Head, and Lymph Nodes check is a bonus during a dental examination. This ensures your bones around the mouth are correctly aligned for better functions.

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5 Benefits of the Regular Dental Check-up | Dentist In Huntersville NC
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5 Benefits of the Regular Dental Check-up | Dentist In Huntersville NC
You can lose the glamour and shine of your smile unless you have the annual dental check-up. A regular visit to your dentist can keep your oral health boosted.
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