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How Do You Store Your Toothbrush

The majority of us have probably never thought about how to properly store your toothbrush. In fact, most probably keep it in the same space: in a holder next to the sink. It makes sense. It’s easy to remember to brush every morning and evening and it provides quick access to the sink.

What you may not realize, however, is that toothbrushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. Certain locations are better than others for toothbrush storage. While not all bacteria is bad, a few practices will help keep your toothbrush germ-free.

Don’t Put Toothbrush In A Cup

Dirty water and soap can easily land on your toothbrush from hand washing. Not only is this preventing your toothbrush from staying dry, it’s just attracting germs throughout the day.

If your counter is large enough, store it as far from the sink as possible to avoid splashing. Otherwise, for those with small spaces, look into a wall or mirror-mount to store your toothbrush.

It’s too Close to the Toilet

Flushing can cause an aerosol effect sending human waste-containing water particles as far as six feet from the bowl. Gross. Obviously this is not something you want to risk landing on your toothbrush!

Ideally, one should store their toothbrush at least six feet away from the toilet. The reality is that bathrooms are generally not such large rooms, so keeping a toothbrush six or more feet from the toilet is simply not possible for everyone. The simple solution? Flush the toilet with the lid down.

Avoid Laying it Flat on the Counter

If you lay your toothbrush flat on the counter after rinsing it off after use, you’re only inviting germs and bacteria. The water from rinsing pools around the brush, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Instead store your toothbrush upright, in a container. Each family member’s toothbrush should have its own slot that prevents it from touching another brush. When toothbrushes touch, they can spread germs from one onto another.

Refrain from Keeping it in the Cabinet

After learning about poop particles landing on your toothbrush, it might seem like a great idea to store it in a location where the toilet spray can’t reach. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Toothbrush bristles need to dry thoroughly in between brushings in the open air and a sealed medicine cabinet creates a humid setting loved by mold and other bacteria.

Don’t Put a Cap on It

Short term, using a bristle cap or toothbrush case is OK, say when you’re traveling, but long term use is not such a good idea. Similarly to storing your toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, a cap creates the same habitat that fosters bacteria growth.

Tips for Toothbrush Sanitizing

Toothbrush storage containers collect everything that drips off your toothbrushes at the bottom, attracting dust, germs, and bacteria. Since many have lids, it’s easy to forget about the mess created. Hand wash or stick the toothbrush holder in the dishwasher at least once per week to keep it clean.

As far as cleaning your toothbrush, be sure to rinse it clean after each use in warm water and give it a good shake to get as much water off as possible. Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months, or when the bristles begin to fray or discolor.

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Store Your Toothbrush Properly | Dentist In Huntersville NC
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Store Your Toothbrush Properly | Dentist In Huntersville NC
The majority of us have probably never thought about how to properly store your toothbrush. In fact, most probably keep it in the same space: in a holder next to the sink.
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