You Should Never Skip A Dental Check-Up

You Should Never Skip A Dental Check-Up

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Dentists advise a dental check-up twice a year. Regular dental check-ups promote healthy teeth and gums, and prevent serious dental issues. Dental check-ups and professional cleanings reduce plaque build-up, tartar production and reduces the risk of oral cancer going unnoticed. The list of benefits of a dental check-up goes on; here are some reasons why you should never skip going for a dental check-up.

Regular Check-ups Prevent Cavities, Tartar and Plaque

The first step of achieving an overall healthy mouth is keeping your mouth free of food particles. The food we chew stick to the teeth causing tartar, plaque, cavities and tooth decay. Molar and wisdom teeth are hard to clean and more susceptible to decay. Your dentist first examines your teeth and then cleans them to eliminate plaque or tartar.

A Regular Check-up Can Detect Oral Cancer

During the dental cleaning and check-up process, the dentist will also look for oral cancer. Oral cancer often goes undetected because it shows no symptoms in the earlier stages and, therefore, can be life-threatening. By establishing a regular dental check-up and cleaning schedule, your dentist will keep tabs on your oral health. You can expect the dental expert to use a special light to look for dead tissue or any swelling. The exam is called the VELscope cancer exam. It is a painless way of identifying cancer inside the mouth. 

Routine Check-ups Can Identify Other Health Complications

You might not know this, but dental exams also include head and neck exams. Dental problems and head and neck problems are sometimes correlated. That’s why your dentist may check lymph nodes, neck and jaws for swelling to diagnose any other hidden illness. If they find any deformities, they will refer you to a head and neck professional. 

Check-up and Cleaning Eliminate Toothache and Bad Breath

When you go in for a dental check-up, the first thing your dentist will do is examine your entire mouth and jaw. If you experience pain, bleeding, swelling, and bad breath, these are all signs of dental infection or tooth decay. Once the root causes are found, your dentist will proceed with cleaning your teeth (deep cleaning, scaling and polishing). This removes the tartar, plaque, decay and damage, and eventually eliminates pain and bad breath. Your dentist may even suggest going for a dental filling or using prosthetics to save your teeth if the decay is severe.

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