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Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration, which includes placing a dental cap on a tooth. Dental crowns are needed when a tooth is decayed and/or damaged by cavities. Getting a dental crown is straightforward but there are the occasional myths. Here is a crackdown on the top six myths concerning dental crowns.[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqb50hub7wr” html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is dental crowns?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]A crown, or dental cap, is a type of dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant. A crown may be needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth.[/sc_fs_faq]

Myth 1: A dental crown protects against cavities

Although a dental crown can protect and restore a cavity-infected tooth, it can’t protect the tooth from further deterioration. If your dental cap isn’t implant-supported, you still have a much higher chance of developing a cavity underneath the cap. So, what’s the point of dental crowns? A dental crown’s primary function is being a protective barrier between bacteria and the tooth to prevent further decay.

Myth 2: Dental crowns look unnatural

This totally depends on the type of crowns you are using. Porcelain crowns replicate the look of natural teeth and are very durable. If your porcelain or zirconia crowns are correctly placed, chances are nobody will ever notice it from afar, which is why most patients choose porcelain caps.

Myth 3: You don’t need dental caps for severe decay

For a patient suffering from cavities, they have two choices – fillings or dental caps. Dental caps are preferred for serious dental decays over any filling. If your tooth has a more extensive and severe cavity, your dentist recommends a dental crown. A filling can only do well with smaller, newly developed cavities, so keep that in mind.

Myth 4: Crowns can be whitened

Dental crowns can’t be whitened because the whitening agent damages the crowns. You can keep crowns white and increase their lifespan if you maintain proper oral hygiene. The best way to prevent your pearly crowns from getting stained is getting teeth professionally cleaned. You can also ask your dentist about the possibility of getting your teeth whitened before getting a crown, although the chance of your crown getting stained is very slim.

Myth 5: Dental crown pains

Dental patients fear the pain, and thus delay visits to dental professionals. Your dentist will mostly use a local anesthetic to subside any sensation, so you don’t have to panic over pain. A dentist’s utmost priority is to provide comfort to patients..

Myth 6: Dental caps are expensive

While porcelain or ceramic might cost a bit, you can still get cheap dental crowns. You can also get an insurance plan for your dental problems. Contact your dentist and talk to them about financial concerns. They can figure out an affordable plan for you.

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