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Preschoolers Caring For Teeth Independently

At our Huntersville Dentist office, we take time to teach parents the best ways to care for their children’s teeth. We know that good oral care in childhood helps to promote good oral care in adulthood.

Daily dental care that is focused on preventive care is without a doubt one of the most important daily routines for adults and children. This type of preventive care routine usually starts for most people while they are very young. As every parent knows, there will come a time when your little ones will have to administer their own daily oral care routine. In order for children to care for teeth and gums the right way, it’s important to help them understand how to properly administer their oral care routine independently.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, tooth decay affects more than one in every four children whose ages fall between two and five years old. The best way to prevent early age tooth decay or cavities in children is to brush, floss and rinse properly at least twice daily. So, the folks over at the best dentist in Hunterville NC have created this short guide to explain how you can go about teaching your child the proper routine and getting them to adopt it easily.

It can be difficult to get younger children to understand the importance of properly carrying out an oral care routine daily and independently. Aside from the advice that you will receive during your visit to our dentist office from our family dentist in Huntersville, Dr. Anthony Marra, you can also benefit immensely by using this guide to aid in teaching your preschoolers. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with useful ideas and exciting, easy activities you can utilize to train your child. ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month Program Planning Guide or the Crest and Oral-B Dental Education Program guide can also be helpful for this purpose.

Develop or Select Lesson Plans

Lesson plans help you to have a clear idea of steps or approaches you can adopt to teach your child about oral health care. When developing a plan, be sure to include activities that can help drive home your message. These activities or message enhancers will remain in the memory of your preschoolers for each time they go to brush their teeth. These activities can help them to understand the order in which to brush, floss or rinse how long and proper technique.

If you have no idea how to develop a lesson plan or are unable to come up with a quick activity, you can find ready-made dental lesson plans online, often featuring worksheets and experiments, in addition to activities. Crest and Oral-B’s offers excellent lesson plans in PDF format for explaining oral health care to your preschoolers.

Get Additional Resources

In addition to the foregoing, there are other prints and video resources you can use to teach your child good dental care. The ADA has plenty of these educational materials in its catalog which you can choose from. Good examples of video materials you can consider include demonstrations of brushing and flossing as well as Geena’s Tremendous Tooth Adventure, which you can find on YouTube.

Use Arts and Crafts

Arts can be immensely useful in teaching your child oral care and you may find it easier to pass the message to your child if you made something together that highlights the importance of dental health care. A suggestion is to draw a big smiling face with exposed, colored teeth on the poster board using a marker and then instructing your preschooler to paint the teeth white. You can use the simple art, which you may hang in the bathroom as a reminder, to explain why it’s essential for teeth to be white and healthy.

Enlist an App

There are apps that can help to make explaining oral health care to your preschoolers a lot easier. A good example of these which you can consider is the Drinks Destroy Teeth app by the Indiana Dental Association. It features exciting and interactive lessons on how sugar and acids in drinks can destroy the teeth. Some apps even have games that can further help to drive home the point of proper oral health care.

In addition to the suggestions above, it is advisable that you do things that make the daily oral health care routine enjoyable for your preschoolers. You could, for instance, get them a toothbrush featuring their favorite character. Brushing songs can also help in this regard, especially when it comes to ensuring that they brush for at least the two minutes recommended by the American Dental Association each time they brush.

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