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Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry” dental practice in “Huntersville, NC offers pediatric dentistry services in your community!

The pediatric dentistry specialty requires a great level of care and special attention. A pediatric dentist is a dentist for kids up to age 21 years.

Sometimes children feel anxiety about dental visits. Often this stems from the child’s unfamiliarity with the dental practice, its support staff or doctors.

This is why our team has two priorities.

1. Making your child comfortable.

2. Providing high-quality care.

We know the importance of making ourselves relatable for children and speaking “their language” (and yours) to ensure that they understand instructions and the importance of good oral hygiene practices early in life. At Huntersville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, pediatric dentistry services are dedicated to administering compassionate oral care for children from infants to teenagers.

We understand that dental health issues experienced by children can vary from child to child. Children at age 12 have different needs than those at two who have not yet developed permanent teeth. This is why we focus completely on providing individual personalized care to your little ones and teens. As part of our dental service model, we take time to educate parents and children about examinations, procedures, and aftercare. We believe that parents and children must have easy to understand instructions about how to implement good oral hygiene practices.

The Best Dentist For Kids In Huntersville

Our team consists of parents, too. We know that morning and bedtime routines are not always easy. We’re here to help make this part of your child’s personal care routine simple to implement on a consistent basis. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with you and your family to contribute to a long-lasting relationship. It would be a pleasure to serve your precious little ones and teens at our Huntersville dental practice.

We can help parents with the following:

– Oral health exams for back-to-school and throughout the year.
– Preventative dental care like cleanings, fluoride treatments and custom mouthguards.
– Education and habit counseling to help parents with all issues, from pacifier & bottle weaning to mouthguards.
– Bite correction and/straightening of misaligned teeth.
– Broken tooth, decay and cavity repair.
– Gum disease and other periodontal diseases.
– Dental injuries.
Call our office to learn about our full list of services and schedule an appointment.

When Do Babies Get Teeth?
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When Do Babies Get Teeth?
The Best Dentist For Kids In Huntersville Our team consists of parents, too. We know that morning and bedtime routines are not always easy.
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