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Tooth extraction isn’t bad at all. If your dentist suggests wisdom-tooth extraction, you should consider it. If the wisdom tooth is causing your pain and suffering, it’s best to remove it to maintain your oral health. Yes,getting a  tooth extraction can be a little painful, but most dentists believe it is best to extract a tooth when a person is young and is likely to recover faster from the extraction surgery.

Aftercare for tooth extractions

A dry socket develops when the blood clot that forms after the extraction dissolves. When the blood clot dissolves, it exposes the bone and nerve endings, causing inflammation, severe pain and a fever. Here are some tips to prevent a tooth socket.


[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqm5sxbafyg” html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is Swelling?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]Swelling is an increase in the size or a change in the shape of an area of the body. Swelling can be caused by collection of body fluid, tissue growth, or abnormal movement or position of tissue.[/sc_fs_faq]Swelling, pain, and discomfort after tooth extraction are normal but apply ice packs outside of your mouth to reduce swelling. Place it a few inches above your jawbone for 15-20 minutes repeatedly for up to two days. The ice packs will constrict the blood vessels to stop bleeding and minimize swelling. If you get an infection, contact your dentist.


Bleeding is also expected for healing purposes. Your dentist will immediately put a gauze pad after the extraction surgery. As soon as the gauze is soaked with blood, you need to replace it. Keep a gauze pad over the socket for half an hour. If you have heavy bleeding, bite down on the pad for 30 minutes to stop bleeding.

Food to eat and avoid

After the bleeding stops, drink lukewarm water to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t consume solid food, instead eat soft food and drink liquids like soup, puddings, eggs and mashed potatoes. Food particles left in the extraction site is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, so keep that in mind. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages as this can dislodge the clot.

Taking care of oral health

After the extraction, it’s better to limit eating and talking for the first two hours post-surgery for proper oral care. It’s better not to brush the surgical area. Instead, use a medicated mouthwash to cleanse your mouth and kill the germs. Your dentist may prescribe a medicated toothpaste and mouthwash. Also, don’t rinse vigorously or use a straw for drinking, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating sugary food. 

Keep in touch with your dentist

It’s essential to stay in touch with your dentist during the healing process. If the pain or swelling persists after a few days, it’s not normal. Similarly, if the affected site starts bleeding, you need to consult your dentist immediately. Only take prescribed painkillers and antibiotics recommended by your dentist. 

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