Can You Restore Tooth Enamel Loss?

Treatment for Tooth Enamel Erosion in Huntersville NC

Dr. Marra treats patients for dental erosion at our dental practice in Huntersville, NC

Tooth enamel erosion is caused by consuming foods with high acidity. However, acidic foods aren’t the only problem. Acid-producing bacteria is also a factor and exist naturally in the mouth. Stomach acid that enters the oral cavity via the throat can also cause tooth enamel erosion.

Detecting Tooth Decay Caused By Acid Erosion

Tooth enamel erosion wears away the enamel layer, the outer visible layer of the tooth, as well as the dentine or secondary layer. Once dental erosion reaches the dentine layer, your teeth will become sensitive to hot/cold foods and have visible signs of erosion. Patients eventually develop fragile and/or chipped teeth that need to be repaired. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore tooth enamel loss, however, there are cosmetic options that can help with teeth appearance like caps or crowns.

Get Tooth Enamel Erosion Treatment


In most cases, detecting dental erosion is quite easy. Teeth eroding the fastest may be discolored, chipped, hollowed and are usually thinner.

Is it possible to avoid tooth enamel loss?

Avoiding dental erosion is difficult, but it can be slowed down so it does not severely impact your oral health. Tooth erosion can occur from direct contact with the acids that are naturally produced by your body. Vomiting, acid reflux and heartburn are all conditions that bring stomach acids into the oral cavity. This is why people who suffer from conditions like acid reflux and bulimia often also experience dental erosion.

One factor you can control is consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Limiting your intake reduces the risk of erosion.

Protecting your teeth from enamel wear

Are you brushing exactly as the doctor ordered? Twice a day, right? Well, the truth is even brushing at the wrong time can cause dental acid erosion. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after you eat sugary and acidic foods like pickles, energy and soft drinks.  Instead, rinse with a mouthwash or water. Wait 30 minutes and then brush. For further protection, add foods to your diet like whole grains that help you produce saliva and combine protective foods like dairy with other acidic food dishes. Xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome results in poor salivary production and flow. Low levels of saliva will increase the acid content in the oral cavity.

Another way to protect against acid erosion is to use straws when drinking anything besides milk and water. If you chew gum, opt for sugarless gum. Be aware that medications can cause dry mouth, which creates the perfect environment for the production of acid-causing bacteria that naturally exist in the mouth.

Treatment for tooth enamel erosion in Huntersville, NC

The only way to avoid dental acid erosion is to be proactive. Learn more about preventative dental care and implement proper oral hygiene practices. Also, talk to your clinician about monitoring teeth density. Make an appointment with Dr. Marra, but in the meantime, be sure to follow the tips above.


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